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Welcome to St. Alban’s, Richmond The Anglican Church of Canada

St. Alban’s is a parish of committed Christians, loving God and our neighbour, welcoming all people, pursuing spiritual growth through prayer, worship and education, and actively reaching out to and serving our world community.

Located at the corner of St. Alban’s and Bennett Roads in central Richmond, B.C. in the heart of Richmond

The Anglican Church of St. Alban’s is an inclusive community of disciples of Jesus Christ serving God in the heart of Richmond through worship, ministry and outreach. There has been a parish of St. Alban’s in Richmond since 1893. Since 1953 people have met on the St. Alban’s Road site to worship God and witness to Christ’s love for the world. We are strengthened and enriched by the diversity of our community. It is a place of caring, service and outreach, and a place that welcomes all.

Advocacy description

Advocacy description