Volunteers Needed!!!!


Reaching Home Hampers,’ part of St. Alban’s Outreach and Advocacy, isa volunteer organization that has been providing weekly ‘nutritious hampers’ to 33+ Richmond families in need since the spring of 2020.   Reaching Home Hampers’ is partnered with the ‘Richmond School District’. Counsellors and School Administrators identify and recommend families (with school-age children) to the program who are struggling to make ends meet and need some additional support. The program strives to meet the needs in an equitable manner; mindful of ethnic diversity and dietary allergies/sensitivities. The food hampers have an emphasis on fresh fruit, produce, milk, eggs, bread, and protein (either animal or vegetarian). 

Based on the current economic stresses being felt by all of us, there is a growing waitlist of ‘identified’ families. 

Currently, this program supports approximately 400 Richmond children each month struggling with food security concerns

Our hamper program Reaching Home Hampers began as a response to COVID.   Currently, we provide weekly hampers to 33-37 families, with school aged children, identified through the School District as families in need of assistance.  Our families range from a single Mom with a young child, to families as large as eleven all struggling with food insecurity.

 We receive donations of fresh produce, baked and canned goods, and limited meat/dairy from as part of a food recovery program.  Additional items, such as animal/vegetarian & Halal protein, eggs, and milk are purchased through the hamper program.  We pick up food, sort, pack and deliver hampers Wednesday mornings.  Our plan is to continue to offer hampers, as we did last year, during the summer months.

 We need:

  • drivers to:
    • pick up boxed food items from ‘Boundless Vancouver’ (to continue during the summer months)
    • delivery hampers to some elementary/secondary schools in Richmond. (only until the end of June, and then starting again in September)
  • We also welcome volunteers to assist with sorting and packing hampers (Wednesday morning)

If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Stephanie Christie

Coordinator Reaching Home Hamper