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Covid-19 Update

Attention:  Return to Phase I –  NO gatherings in our churches for worship services

Dear Friends:

We have been alerted by the Diocesan office that Dr. Henry will be announcing more COVID-related restrictions this afternoon, including the cessation of live, in-house services in churches and other worship centres, for at least 28 days.

So as of today, 19 November, we will not be gathering for worship at St. Albans until at least December 20th, the 4thSunday of Advent.  At this time we will continue to hope, pray and plan for our churches will be open for Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning services.

We will continue to broadcast live on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am and 10:00 am and have these videos available on the website and on the St. Alban’s Richmond Facebook site.    We are still planning to offer our on-line Caroling event on December 6th.  (How we record it may have to change from our original plan but we are blessed by Kyumin’s acumen with digital technology!)

We will also continue the Wednesday Morning Prayer service at 8 am on-line.

It is apparent that this pandemic has moved the Church on-line.  It is of great importance that we look to involving parishioners who have not made use of or unable to use computers, pads or smart phones to ‘attend’ St. Alban’s worship.  Let’s put our minds to this and encourage one another to re-create our community in this ‘virtural world’ where Christ is still King and Emmanuel – Gd with us.

Faithfully yours,


The service will also be livestreamed on St Alban’s Facebook Page. 

Our food ministries continue quite strongly with skeleton teams doing the work.  Many families in Richmond are receiving a weekly hamper in one of the new endeavours that has been started with funding for COVID-related work.  Kudos to Dianne Woodhouse again!  I understand that single parent families are a growing focus of this outreach in the near-future.  Those without shelter, those who are the most marginalized in our community, continue to receive food on Fridays at noon, and sandwiches are delivered on the weekend.  The Community Meal has moved toPresbyterian Church just for the summer, and up to 35 meals are taken out to shelter-less people in the area after the take-away boxes are given to those who attend.

Blessings in Christ to you,


Rev’d Paula Porter Leggett, Vicar

St. Alban’s in Richmond

Portrait of Vicar Paula Porter Leggett