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A little help goes along way! Thank you to this crew in keeping the garden’s looking good!!


Our Staff continue to work from home.  The Office telephones do get messages to us, or you can email at

  • Jennifer 
  • Paula     
  • Larry      

Sunday services (8:30 am BCP and 10:00 am) will be live-streamed and then the recorded version made available on our website.  Bulletins are posted as well so that you can follow along.  If you would like to attend one of the services, please get in contact with Paula.  She needs one to four people present in order to celebrate the Eucharist.

“What about our envelopes?”  Please mail to the Church office or put through the delivery slot on office door.

What about our Outreach ministries?”  Food for the homeless and poor is considered an essential service.  There will be more information in an upcoming newsletter, so to give a brief review here, we have moved to take-away (handed out) meals for Tuesday and Friday, the Sandwich programme continues and the food deliveries on Sundays from the Food Bank are continuing.

Vicar’s Blog: Paula will be posting on her Blog, please check it out under “Vicar’s Blog” on the website!



We will provide A TAKE OUT MEAL Tuesdays at 5 pm.

We will provide a take out meal at 11:30 am Friday mornings.

cancelled until further notice

COVID19-Specific Frauds and Scams

Here is a list of the top  scams and frauds currently being used to prey on vulnerable seniors during the COVID19 crisis

  • Emails, phone calls and text messages encouraging seniors to apply forCOVID-related government benefits.
  • A version of the CRA scam where fraudsters threaten that your ? provincial medical benefits?have run out (or are running out) and you need to send money either to reinstate them or to buy private medical insurance. A phone call from someone posing as a representative from the provincial or municipal health authority saying that you have been found to have COVID – or you have been found to have been exposed to COVID – and to give them your credit card to pay for testing or results.
  • Canada Post / UPS – delivery frauds – a telephone call saying that you have an (often international) package which has been attempted to be delivered, but you need to call them to pay duty or shipping first.
  • Government Focused Bank & Insurance Focused  :

Fake ? financial planners? calling seniors about opportunities to get their investment portfolios back up due to COVID19 losses. Fake bank messages asking for your SIN number and banking information so that they can set up a direct deposit for government funds due to COVID.