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Sunday May 3rd Service

Sunday May 3rd services will not take place at St Alban’s as a precautionary measure.
Reverend Paula Porter Leggett will not be hold services at St Alban’s until further notice as a result of a possible infection occurring in her household. We will keep you posted with respect to this matter and we pray for a negative result to testing for covid 19.
A service will be video streamed from the Rectors home and posted to the St Alban’s Facebook Page with links posted on the services page of the church website.

Larry Scherban Rector’s Warden

22 March 2020

Greetings to all Parishioners and Friends:

We are all aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and responses around the world, nationally and locally.  For many people it seems like some kind of alternate version of life, even ‘unreal’ to the extent that some are ignoring the warnings we are receiving from health and governmental authorities daily.

On March 18th Archbishop Melissa directed us to cease gathering for worship for the present time.   Instead, some parishes are making information available on their web-sites and Facebook pages.  Some have the resources at hand to enable live-stream broadcasts.  

At St. Alban’s we are learning together how to gather as the ‘virtual church.’  This is a new way for all of us and counterintuitive to an organization based on gathering people together across borders and boundaries.  We have to learn that using the technology of websites, livestreaming, Zoom, Skype and other web-based resources are doing this for us – crossing the borders of separation, isolation and disease.

Not all members of St. Alban’s use the internet.  We are creating telephone trees for communication updates and prayer.  Rev’d Paula, Jennifer (Office), Larry, Dale and Stephanie (our Wardens) will be available by telephone.  Through us you can also reach out to Thelma (envelope secretary).   Please be patient while we gather information and create our teams and guidelines. 

We are all concerned about how we manage finances at this time.  Like all households, we will continue to get our regular bills.  We are not laying off staff unless the situation 

becomes precarious. Your envelopes and other donations are important to us.  At this time, please consider the following:

  • Dropping your envelope (or donation) through the mail slot at St. Alban’s.  It is located at the bottom of the front door to the Hall, left-hand side;
  • Putting several offering envelopes together with post-dated cheques for the weeks ahead and either mail or drop them by;
  • Changing to PAD – pre-authorized debit.  (Just ask us for the form.)

The Office is closed for the present time and Jennifer will be working from home.  She can receive emails and phone calls there.  A number of parish leaders will be dropping by throughout the week to pick up mail and keep an eye on everything.

Priests have been told to do pastoral care via the telephone, email and ways like Skype or Zoom, no face-to-face meetings.  If we feel a face-to-face visit is necessary, we must discuss this in advance with the Archbishop.  

I will be opening up a blog to share my thoughts and prayers.  There will be more about that in the next Parish Newsletter which will become a regular part of our parish communication resources. 

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and support the well-being of those around you.  Please continue to reach out to one another.  If you are not in isolation, perhaps you can pick up groceries for a member of the parish.  Let Jennifer and Paula know if you can.  Here is where what we profess about Christian love has an opportunity to shine.  “Won’t you let me be your servant, let me be as Christ to you?  Pray that I might have the grace to let you be my servant, too.” 

The peace of Christ, which passes all understanding, keep our hearts and minds free from anxiety and fear, and the blessing of Gd, the Creator who loves us and comes to us in Christ and the Holy Spirit, be with you now and always,

The Rev’d Paula Porter Leggett, Vicar                           604-329-8701/2rev2pl@gmail.com

Chinese New Years
Happy New Years 2020

Wishing All Our Friends & Neighbours Good Health & Prosperity

Summer is Here


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Spring At St Alban’s

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Winter Images At St. Alban’s

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Labyrinth with Snow

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Blessing of The Animal’s


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Our New Minister

Paula Porter Leggett

On Sept 1,2018 We welcomed the Reverend Paula Porter Leggett as our new minister at St Albans.