St. Alban’s Outreach & Advocacy – Richmond

Size 15’s

St. Alban’s has a number of outreach programs that connect with the homeless, the hungry and the marginalized residents of our community.  We serve a nutritious lunch on the labyrinth to our guests every Friday.

One Friday, we noticed a new guest, a very tall, shy, pleasant, polite, quiet young man who kept to himself.  We made an effort to make him feel welcome and relaxed.  We noticed that his sneakers had holes in them and we offered him a pair of gently used all season foot wear which he gratefully accepted.  He tried them on, only to find that even though they were size 12, he could not even get his foot in the shoe.  Upon examination, it became apparent that he took a size 15 shoe. 

We put the word out to our foot care nurse who in turn put the word out to Kintec foot wear and after a few weeks, were able to find a size fifteen sneaker for this lad.  He was quietly “thrilled”.

Size 15 Shoes