Vicars Blog

14 May 2020

At times like these, and the longer they stretch, we can begin to experience a deficit of gratitude.  The novel has lost its attraction, changing environments and shifting between responsibilities becomes fatiguing.  I must remember that these are precisely the times for gratitude.

I am grateful for rain on the gift rose and sun on the poppies.

I am grateful for furry friends to cuddle with (even after they interrupted my sleep more than once last night).

I am grateful for the doggedness with which my friends and co-workers continue to seek and find new possibilities, new skills, and even some fun as the days go by.

I am grateful for my home and my family, for friends “here and there,” for unexpected thoughtfulness and words of encouragement.

Then there is another voice:  guilt.  Each thing I give thanks for becomes an opportunity for self-accusation and guilt.  That is not the voice of Love.  Listen to the voice of Love – set aside that other voice.  Love is merciful and kind, patient and understanding, grateful.  “Teach my heart to sing thy praise” is a much better refrain.  Let my “Kyrie eleison” be a prayer trusting in Gd’s grace, and not of condemnation.

I am grateful for love . . . for the love before all things, behind all things, surrounding all things, as it was in the beginning, is now until the end.